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63 Jackson St, Holyoke, MA 01040

About Diamond Light

For 10 years, Diamond Light , an American based manufacturing company has provided quality lighting products that professionals choose for demanding construction and niche industry applications.

We start with solid workmanship and the finest raw materials for use in manufacturing. Thanks to the quality of the polycarbonate material, our tube guards are the cleanest, clearest streak-free tubes available. Diamond Light string lights and cages are some of the toughest most durable units on the market. Solid workmanship and materials ensure that our products will endure. 


Diamond Light has a dedicated customer service team ready to respond and act quickly to each customer’s requirements. We can quickly ship any standard product same day or next day to any location in the United States.

Ask us about our  custom string lights. We manufacture string lights at specified lengths, modifying socket placements and changing wire color and types to fit our customers specific business needs. These stringers can be designed, manufactured and shipped in just a few days to get your sites lit fast.